Examining Storify Reports

This is the Week 12/13 Module for JRNL102.

In Jordan Osborne’s piece about Re-Configuring Video Journalism several important questions are raised in regards to the new direction journalism is moving in. Osborne uses a lot of information in order to provide a context for the reader, but there is a slight concern that there is a case of too much information at once, with one paragraph containing very little but percentages. However, Osborne does well to break up the stats by embedding relevant graphs and other figures which still convey the information, but this however makes the previous paragraphs a little redundant as it is essentially repeated information. By turning the second half of the piece into a more case study piece about Vice News, Osborne provides a relevant example and adequately explains how it applies to the first half of his article. However, this also leads to the biggest criticism of the article, as Osborne focus a little too much on Vice and other examples of how they produce their media, leading to a distinct sense of bias in the piece. This could have been shaken off with a little more diversity in the sources presented, but overall it is still an engaging piece that performs its function adequately.


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