JRNL102 – Reflection Of Spliced Audio

The place I decided to focus on for this task was that of an apartment where one of my friends, Michael Coles, lives with another four people. As a result of the living arrangement, the place is often quite manic, with many different things going on at once. I decided to portray this through sound as I felt it would give a unique view of living while at university while also examining the living arrangement itself and how that results in a wide soundscape.

Recording this was a bit of a challenge, as people would be coming in and out of the room in question to do a number of tasks, such as prepare dinner. However, this resulted in a more natural and realistic soundscape than I intended, as the recorded audio had those background sounds and discussions. Editing was also a challenge, due to the sound of the cooking stopping halfway through the sound files. This meant that I shortened the clips in order to lay over a cough to muffle the fact that the sound had abruptly stopped.


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