Vox Pop #2 – What is The Last Unique Thing You Did?

We do unique things every day, but some are more memorable than others. In our attempts to get away from the normal routine of life, we will often do something that we have never tried before or even something we rarely do. Personally, the last unique thing I did was go and see a Punk concert, something which normally I would never see myself doing. However, at the persistence of a friend, i went along and ended up enjoying this small step into the world of Punk music.

We took this question out to the people of UOW to see what they had to say for their last unique experience.


One comment

  1. Alan Ch · April 20, 2015

    Hi Cal, I really liked the editing done in your Vox Pops, particularly the names, degrees and ages of each student, also the responses you chose are super interesting! A couple of things you could improve is possibly having background music which is a bit louder and perhaps more upbeat? Also the background noise is a tad too loud, however aside from this is really awesome!

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