Portrait – Hannah Laxton-Koonce


“When I was in Year 6 I told my teacher that I didn’t need to know about Politics because I was going to be a Writer.”

Hannah Laxton-Koonce is a first year student undertaking a straight Journalism degree. Having grown up showing a distinct desire and love for writing, this path was always an easy choice. Hannah is also one to take care and show dedication to her work, not wanting to give up until she got the perfect shot or quote. However, she realizes that it is important to find time for herself and she jokingly stated that sleeping in is one of her favorite activities, but she can not turn down a lie down in the sun just to see the beauty of the world around her.

You can check out Hannah’s work over here or follow her on Twitter.


One comment

  1. rj853 · April 20, 2015

    Hey Cal, I love this blog but are here a few things you could do better. For 1, perhaps less shopping of the photo would allow for the natural talent to show and be highlighted. Secondly, more succinct descriptions would not go awry. Apart these two things, it is really good! We all have at some point, and it is great to see you growing.

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