Photos – University Life


“We’ve done this every week for a year now.”

Since starting in 2014, the heralded tradition of 420 (Named after the price of a schooner of Toohey’s Extra Dry in 2014 at the Unibar) has been going strong. There is the central core of James Williamson, Max Allen and myself, but the group has always been welcome to any others who are willing to shake off their uni shackles for 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon. Sharing beers and stories with each other, 420 is a unique and often anticipated experience. The simple process of sharing a beer has over time broken down the difficult barriers that come with beginning the new chapter of University.


For a person who does not live in Wollongong, making the local commute to University from the distant town of Bathurst is a little difficult. Thus there is a need to live in Student Accommodation and travel home every so often. The trip is a long lonesome drive but it is made all the more enjoyable by the accompanying tunes and sights of the Blue Mountains and the long winding road from Hartley to Oberon. Often the trip to see family can be used as an excuse to get laundry done on the cheap or even nab some food instead of go grocery shopping, but more often than not, I will find myself going home just to see the family that has given me so much and allowed me to experience the challenge of University.


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